These are our theories that we have formulated as well as theories that we have heard from other Lost fans that we think could be plausible (credit is given).
Enjoy and let us know what you think!  We’re always happy to have a heated Lost debate!
  1. This isn’t a full theory but, I think that the increasing amount of daddy issues in the plot of Lost may have some importance.  I’m not sure what exactly yet but when I have a clearer idea, I will expand.  (by Katelyn)
  2. The whole storyline is Jack’s alcohol-induced hallucination or dream from drinking too much on the flight.  He saw all of these people at the airport and on the flight so they are fresh in his memory.  He uses his life experiences and makes up background stories for all these people.  There are a number of dream theories that help support this theory.  (by Katelyn)
  3. When the H-bomb went off at the end of season five it caused the entire world to black out, thus resulting in Flashforward.  Reasons:  The show is based off a novel by Robert J. Sawyer.  Some actors are a part of both (Sonya Walger, Dominic Monaghan, Kim Dickens).  More to come, I’m sure!  (by Katelyn)

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