Season 5 Clips

November 17, 2009

By Katelyn

Here are some clips from season 5 that were posted by @WhatIsLost:

The Aftermath of the First Blinding Light

Miles Trying to Explain Time Travel to Hurley

Hurley Meets Jacob

Behind the Scenes: How to React to the Imaginary Blinding Light and Piercing Sounds

Executive Producers Comment on Season 6

October 20, 2009

According to Lost executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (via

If there is a theme to Lost‘s sixth and final season, it might be “things coming full circle.”

“[In the first season, the characters] were running around the jungle, things felt intense and surprising,” the Hollywood Reporter quotes Cuse as saying. “We have a way that we’re going to be able to do that in the final season, too.”

The return of familiar faces — including the decidedly dead and presumed dead — will also come into play, with both Jeremy Davies and Elizabeth Mitchell set to reprise their roles as Faraday and Juliet. And based on the dramatic timing of Dominic Monaghan’s last-moment arrival on the dais, Charlie would seem a safe bet to (somehow) resurface as well.

“There’s a good chance you’ll be seeing many characters you haven’t seen since the first season,” said Lindelof.

Some tropes will be absent from Season 6. Time-travel is so yesterday, the producers indicated, and flashbacks/forwards are long gone. Instead, Lindelof said, “We’re going to do something different” to tell the final 18 hours’ worth of story.

Meet Miles

April 24, 2009

By Annie

On tonight’s episode of Lost, we finally got a peek into the life of the not-so-lovable Miles.  Until now, we only know Miles as the snarky, sarcastic, money-hungry ghost whisperer, but tonight we got to see him as a snarky, sarcastic, money-hungry ghost whisperer with daddy issues.


Photo: Lostpedia

No, but seriously – we did see a new side of Miles during this episode.  But I’m still not sure how I feel about him.  I’m all for sarcasm, but being rude to Hurley is simply not okay in my book.  I’m curious to learn more about his father, the mysterious “guy in all the videos.”  He’s involved in some weird Dharma happenings and I feel the need to get to the bottom of them (though I obviously can’t – since this is Lost, I’ll need to wait several seasons to find out anything).

What I do know is that his ghost communication skills will come in handy at a very crucial moment later in the show.  As with everyone on the island, he’s there for a reason, and I don’t believe that reason is to reunite with his father – it has to be more complicated than that.  Plus, this show has time-travel, moving islands, and characters coming back from the dead, so it obviously needs some conversations with the deceased (a la Haley Joel Osment).

I’m getting a little frustrated that all the characters are so separated this season, which means I have to go several episodes without running into favorites such as John Locke.  So I’m sure this will be the last we’ll see of Miles for quite a few episodes.  I’m thinking that next week will be filled with the adventures of Daniel Faraday – at least I hope so, he’s been gone for way too long.

Hurley Knows What’s Up

April 24, 2009

By Annie

I need to start off by saying that I’m incredibly happy that Hurley brought up Back to the Future when talking to Miles about all the time travel confusion.  Who called it?  Oh that’s right, I did.


Hurley waiting to disappear, Back to the Future style.

Anyway, this episode was a little confusing for me.  As Katelyn brought up, how did Sayid manage to not kill Ben?  He looked pretty dead to me in that last episode.  And frankly, I refuse to believe that Sayid can fail to kill anyone.  It has to be some kind of crazy island trickery.

That said, I’m glad that a few questions were FINALLY answered during this episode, “Whatever happens, happens.”  We found out what Sawyer said to Kate right before he made that heroic leap out of the helicopter.  And we found out where Kate left Aaron when she decided to return to the island with the rest of her group.  Both of these were major questions of mine.  I obviously have many more, which I will elaborate on in a later post.

Another thing I’m glad about is that we’re seeing significantly less of Jack in most of these episodes.  It’s not that I dislike Jack (though he has been quite PMS-y lately), but he pretty much stole the show in the earlier seasons, and it’s about time that Sawyer got his time in the spotlight.

Now all we have to do is wonder what good ol’ Richard Alpert has up his sleeves and marvel in the badass-ness that is John Lock (oh, how I’ve missed him!)

Sayid Fails?!

April 24, 2009

By Katelyn

Sayid Jarrah is an all around badass.  He was a torturer and communications officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard.  For heaven’s sake, he broke some dude’s neck with his feet!

Once he was off the island, Sayid began working as an assasin for Ben (and sporting a ponytail).  Sayid had no problem killing anyone he needed to.  He never failed at a mission.

He never failed at a mission until his most recent one.  Young Benjamin Linus was finally a match for him.

Sayid shoots young Ben at close range and Ben happens to live… seriously?!  The island’s second biggest badass (second to John Locke) fails to kill a little boy?  Is Benjamin Linus the new “boy who lived”?

I know Miles said that this is the present day for all of the “Losties” (we’ll just call them that) but it is the past for all the Dharma folk so technically no matter what the Losties do to the Dharmas they can never change the future.  But come on… Sayid is a badass.  He’s supposed to be able to kill anyone!

Bottom Line:  Sayid really let me down.

I am curious, however, how Richard Alpert and his eyeliner are going to save young Ben and what exactly he meant by “taking away his innocence”.

Sayid Has Obviously Never Seen Back to the Future

April 24, 2009

By Annie

It always happens in movies and in TV shows.  Someone finds a way to go back in time and then they inevitably change everything.  They do one thing and it sets off a chain of events that leads to something terrible happening – it doesn’t matter if they think they’re doing a good thing that will change the world for the better – it WILL end up bad.  I promise.

So I’m a little disappointed in Sayid, who on tonight’s Lost, made this same amateur time traveler mistake.  I won’t go into any more detail about what exactly happened, in case some people missed it.  I’m just going to say that all these people who travel back in time should watch Back to the Future beforehand (or at least listen to Daniel Faraday), because I’m pretty convinced that what happened tonight will end up having adverse effects.

Sayid and Ben

Photo: ABC

That said, I still love Sayid.