Meet Miles

April 24, 2009

By Annie

On tonight’s episode of Lost, we finally got a peek into the life of the not-so-lovable Miles.  Until now, we only know Miles as the snarky, sarcastic, money-hungry ghost whisperer, but tonight we got to see him as a snarky, sarcastic, money-hungry ghost whisperer with daddy issues.


Photo: Lostpedia

No, but seriously – we did see a new side of Miles during this episode.  But I’m still not sure how I feel about him.  I’m all for sarcasm, but being rude to Hurley is simply not okay in my book.  I’m curious to learn more about his father, the mysterious “guy in all the videos.”  He’s involved in some weird Dharma happenings and I feel the need to get to the bottom of them (though I obviously can’t – since this is Lost, I’ll need to wait several seasons to find out anything).

What I do know is that his ghost communication skills will come in handy at a very crucial moment later in the show.  As with everyone on the island, he’s there for a reason, and I don’t believe that reason is to reunite with his father – it has to be more complicated than that.  Plus, this show has time-travel, moving islands, and characters coming back from the dead, so it obviously needs some conversations with the deceased (a la Haley Joel Osment).

I’m getting a little frustrated that all the characters are so separated this season, which means I have to go several episodes without running into favorites such as John Locke.  So I’m sure this will be the last we’ll see of Miles for quite a few episodes.  I’m thinking that next week will be filled with the adventures of Daniel Faraday – at least I hope so, he’s been gone for way too long.