Poll: Where has Claire been?

February 14, 2010

Last week we got to see Claire for a split second… but now the question is, WHERE HAS SHE BEEN?!

We would love to hear what you guys think about Claire’s time away from the fellow Losties!


Badasses of the Island

October 26, 2009

By Annie

Throughout the past five seasons, Lost has brought us so many badass characters. Some of them are no longer with us, and some of them are still going strong, but here is my list of the most badass Lost characters of all time. Have an opinion? Voice it by taking our poll.

10. Ana Lucia

Ana LuciaThis ex-cop came to the island with no expectations of making friends. She’ll kick your ass and not think twice about it. Her decision making skills can sometimes leave something to be desired, but she’s human just like the rest of us. Ana Lucia took her last breaths on the island in season two after being shot by Michael in a desperate effort to save his son, but not before showing off some serious gun-toting and pure ass kicking skills. She may be gone from the island, but her badassness will live forever in Lost infamy.

9. Sawyer

James James “Sawyer” Ford might be nothing but a con man to some, but he’s shown us what he’s really made of throughout the last five seasons. This southern heartbreaker was the first Lostie to show off his shooting skills, when he disposed of a polar bear early in season one. Since then, he’s showed off his badassness by protecting other Losties (despite his best efforts to seem like an asshole). His status is currently unknown, as he was one of the many Losties present when the bomb exploded at the end of season 5. But we do know one thing for sure, it simply wouldn’t be Lost without Sawyer.

8. Kate

Kate AustenKate Austen is a former fugitive who was being escorted back to America by a U.S. Marshal to face murder charges in the states when flight 815 crashed on the island. Since day one she was full of surprises. Hunting and tracking skills, gun wielding skills – this girl can do it all. She’s always volunteering to adventure out into the jungle, even sometimes when she hasn’t been invited. Kate was also present when the bomb exploded, so we are unsure of her current situation. But so far we’ve encountered five full seasons of Kate’s skills and unexpected badassness.

7. Jack

Jack ShepherdJack Shepherd has been the unofficial and reluctant leader of the Losties from the very beginning. His overly protective and perfectionist spirit have gotten them out of more jams than one can count. He’s even put his own life on the line to save other survivors. But Jack is more than just a spinal surgeon. Like Kate, his past is contains a few unexpected twists (evidenced by those out-of-place tattoos on his arms). Jack seems to always find a way out of whatever predicament he finds himself in – he’s a true reluctant badass.

6. Rose

RoseWhen you think “badass,” Rose might not be the first one who comes to mind. But in my opinion, her knowledge and ability to keep her cool even in the most stressful situations is the epitome of badassness. In season one, when everyone was sure that the tail end of the plane was gone for good, Rose knew that her husband, who was in the tail end when the plane went down, was still alive. Throughout the past five seasons, she’s somehow managed to be right every single time she opens her mouth. Oh, and she’s the queen of sass. If that isn’t a true sign of a badass, I don’t know what is.

5. Vincent

VincentVincent is one tough pup. This golden retriever is always there when you least expect it. From the moment the plane crashed on the Island, this pup adapted to life in the wild like it was nothing. He always manages to show up at just the right moment, and I’m pretty sure he’s got a special connection to the island in some way (a la John Locke). And he’s the one Lostie who’s spent the most time out in the jungle alone, without getting eaten by a polar bear or a big cloud of smoke. Neither would be any match for Vincent anyway.

4. Mr. Eko

Mr. EkoMr. Eko knows things. Just like Rose, he seems to be right almost every time he opens his mouth. And like Locke, he seems to have a special connection to the island (evidenced by his dreams that tell him what he needs to do). He’s mysterious, and he’s not afraid to kick some serious ass (remember when he slit two throats at once?). Unfortunately, Eko is no longer with us. He was killed by the smoke monster in season 2. But during his brief time on the island, he nearly managed to show up our #3 on this list for biggest badass on the island.

3. John Locke

John LockeJohn Locke brought a huge case of knives with him on Oceanic flight 815. For this reason, the rest of the Losties knew there was something different about him. They had no idea just how different John Locke was. He has an incredibly special connection to the island, so it was appropriate that when he died (killed by Benjamin Linus in season 4), he was not on the island. We all know there is something special about John Locke (even more so than what we already know about him), and I’m confident that we’ll find out even more in season 6.

2. Sayid

Sayid JarrahHe broke a man’s neck with his feet. Enough said. But really, this ex-communications officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard has done more badass things than any other fictional TV character I can think of. He always knows when he is being lied to, and he can torture you to find out the truth. Oh yeah, and did I mention he was a hitman for awhile in season 4? There’s really no end to Sayid’s knowledge, strength, and other badass skills.

1. Richard Alpert

Richard AlpertThe man never ages. He’s always there. He knows everything. He doesn’t die. I’m not sure what else to say. I wish we had more information about the mysterious man in the eyeliner, but we do know that he’s probably one of the oldest and wisest characters on Lost. This “other” has been around for who knows how long. He’s the only one who ever knows where Jacob is, and that says something right there. He has so many secrets up his sleeve that I wouldn’t even know what to ask him if I had the chance to speak with him.

JacobNote: this list purposely leaves out Jacob, because we know so little about him, so I didn’t really count him as a character. It is just assumed that Jacob would be #0 on this list if there was such a thing.

Is Charlie Alive?

October 16, 2009

By Katelyn:

Thanks to sl-Lost this picture was posted of Dominic Monaghan from the Comic-Con panel.


I read, “Am I Alive?”  Is Dominic trying to tell us something?!  I mean, Charlie does have a thing for writing important messages on his hands…


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Season 6 Teaser

October 13, 2009

Whose eye do you think that is?  Take our poll!