The Substitute

February 17, 2010

By Katelyn

I’m nervous.  When Ben and Richard both don’t know what’s going on, I get this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I hate it even more when a beat-up looking Richard is running skittishly around the jungle frantically trying to give Sawyer advice.  I just don’t like it one bit.

Here were a few things that I found interesting about The Substitute…

  • If Jacob and Richard were homies than why didn’t Richard know that Jacob was seeking candidates for his replacement?  And why was Jacob looking for a replacement to protect the island?  Jacob is nearly a million years old even though he doesn’t look a day over 30, so was he just preparing to kick the bucket?  Or was he planning to leave the island?
  • The “candidate cave” was really exciting for me.  I was expecting that we would never hear anything about the numbers ever again.  But surprise surprise, here they are!  And even more exciting, each number corresponds to one of our Losties which apparently are all candidates!  John Locke is 4, Hugo Reyes is 8, James Ford is 15, Sayid Jarrah is 16, Jack Shephard is 23, and one or both of the Kwons are 42 (personally, I think 42 referred to Sun).
  • Nothing against Sawyer, he’s great (especially with his shirt off), but he is not the brightest bulb.  So how was it that Sawyer was the only person who saw Flocke for what he really was–a fake Locke?  There were a lot of people that spent time with Flocke, why did no one catch on earlier?!
  • In the new world, Benjamin Linus is a teacher?!  I hope he lectures his students with that creepy voice and blank stare!
  • And I know Annie is really upset about this one… we’re three episodes into season six and we have yet to see Sawyer shirtless.  At least he is out of the Dharma jumpsuit now.  Hopefully he’ll loose the shirt soon too.

Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with this episode.  There was no suspense.  There was no conflict.  We didn’t even get to see most of our favorite Losties this week like Jack, Kate, and Hurley.  I would have also liked to see Sayid, you know, to make sure he stopped crying.  I suppose this episode was intended to start answering questions and tying up loose ends so we should be glad!  Maybe the time for questions really is over!  But it still just didn’t live up to my expectations!

I am, however, anxious to see how everyone’s alternative lives turn out!


Zombies Invade Lost?

February 10, 2010

By Annie

Over the years, Lost has provided us with an insane number of ridiculous plot twists and story lines that keep us viewers saying, “huh?” So I’m not sure why anyone would be surprised that the producers have added Invasion of the Body Snatchers to the list. I mean, we’ve already had time travel, moving islands, and a plane that crashed somehow in two different time periods. So it only seems natural to add in some good old fashioned body snatching.

A quick recap: Last week, we learned that Locke (a.k.a. Fake Locke or Flocke) is not really the John Locke we’ve grown to know and love, the Locke that traveled with 400 knives, the Locke of destiny, the Locke of faith. Nope, this Locke is none other than the abominable smoke monster who made its debut on the show shortly after the real Locke, killing flight 815’s pilot and various other cast members throughout the years (RIP Eko).

Then, this week we found out that Smokey has claimed another – Dear Sayid, who we saw cry this episode, and I hope to never see that again for as long as I live. The weird temple guy told Jack that Sayid had been oeifjoeifjasdjhoi (mess of words from some language unbeknownst to me), the closest translation being “claimed,” and that his body is slowly being taken over by something evil and if he doesn’t take care of it before the evil reaches his heart, he will be totally gone. My first reaction to this: No! Not Sayid! My second reaction: what else? Confusion.

I really want to know how this whole body snatching thing works. If the producers are going to introduce a whole new plot line like this, I hope they at least have their story straight before jumping in with both feet. When Smokey invaded Locke, it seems that he didn’t take over Locke’s actual body, since Locke’s body is in a casket on the island, but when he invaded Sayid, it was Sayid’s actual body being taken over. My only guess would be that Smokey can have one actual main body (Locke) that he creates in the image of another (he just chose Locke because people might believe that he had risen from the dead, since the island likes to heal him and stuff). Then, Smokey can also “claim” other bodies while still occupying the one main body, but these other “satellite bodies,” as I’ll be calling them from now on, have to be invaded in their actual body. I’m not sure if it matters if these bodies are alive or dead, since Sayid was dead, but is alive now while the evil has not taken complete hold over him yet.

This is an important question to be answered, since one of our main questions for this season was: WTF HAPPENED TO CLAIRE? and it seems she has also been “claimed” which caused her to turn into a rifle toting jungle woman. So did Claire die? Was she alive when her body was taken over? Was Christian Shepherd Smokey when she was sitting in the cabin with him? Where is Christian now? Why did Claire just walk off one night? What the heck is going on? Those are just a few of the things I’m wondering.

On a whole different note, I found the alternate reality part of the show quite interesting. It also (obviously) raised a whole new batch of questions for me without answering any of the ones I already had.

If you’ll recall the episode “Raised by Another” in Season 1, you’ll remember that the reason Claire was on Flight 815 was that she was going to give her baby up for adoption, and a psychic had found a couple in L.A. that wanted her baby. This psychic was strange though. At first, he was very adamant that Claire keep her baby and raise it herself. Claire was like “No way, Jose,” and psychie was like, “Yes way, and if you don’t Imma keep callin you and wakin you up, preggs.” So that’s what happened for awhile. Then he called her one day to tell her that he found this couple in L.A. He handed her a  plane ticket for Flight 815 (which left later that day) and said, “It has to be this flight.” At the end of the episode, Claire had the revelation that there never was any couple in L.A. – the psychic knew that the plane was going to crash and that Claire would end up raising her baby (at least until she went cuckoo).

So this week, when the flight actually landed at LAX, Claire went to the home of the couple that was to adopt her baby. They had recently split up, and were no longer in the market for a baby, but they did exist. Did this mean that there was a couple all along? Did the psychic know that they had split up and that Claire would go into labor on their front porch? Or was there a different outcome this time because the island is underwater somewhere?

As usual, I’m very confused. I should stop before I hurt myself. Until next time!