Dead Is Apparently Not Dead

April 24, 2009

By Annie

First of all, I need to apologize  that this Lost post is so late.  I have had a busy few days and just got around to watching this week’s episode.  So now I have collected my many thoughts and am prepared to bring you the best darn Lost post to date.

John Locke and Ben Linus

Photo: Lostpedia

This episode, “Dead is Dead,” starts off with John Lock, the dead guy, who doesn’t exactly look dead to me.  He’s talking to Ben Linus, the guy who killed him.  And their conversation seems to be pretty civilized for a murderer-murderee conversation (not that those take place very often, I’m guessing).  Ben says that he has come back to the island to be judged by “the monster,” or smokey, as I like to call it.  None of this makes much sense, but it’s Lost, so you just go with it and have faith that it will all somehow come together in the end.

John Lock, Ben, Sun, and Frank are the only familiar characters we really see in this episode (excluding flashbacks).  All the rest are the random passengers of the plane that most recently crashed on the island.  I don’t like these people.  The one chick who forced Sayid on the plane is now wielding a huge gun and pushing Frank around, and she needs to get voted off the island.  Aside from whatever personality flaws they might possess, I really just don’t feel like getting to know all of these new characters.  I’d like to just stick to the ones we already know and keep the character-clutter to a minimum.  All these little side plots make the show unnecessarily confusing (when it’s already necessarily confusing, if that makes any sense).

What I liked about this episode is that you get to see another side of the diabolical Ben Linus – a surprisingly good side.  He shows that he might actually have a heart (even if it is three sizes too small).  We see how he came to become Alex’s father, and that he really did care about her.  We also see that he didn’t actually kill Penny Widmore, which I was very afraid of ever since the episode where he showed up on the plane with a bloody face and a sling on his arm.  Also, the fact that we got to see Desmond (if only for a moment) doesn’t hurt either.

Ben Linus and Alex

Photo: Lostpedia

I’m very curious to see more about the relationship between Ben, Charles Widmore and the island.  I’m also looking forward to seeing if Ben actually starts to behave himself and follows Locke’s directions.  I have my doubts, but this could be the start of a whole new Benjamin Linus.

But most of all, I’m just waiting anxiously to see what the great John Locke has up his sleeves.  I won’t try to speculate, because I will most certainly be wrong.  Locke is much too complex and wise for mere mortals like myself to comprehend.