Update: Is Charlie Alive?

October 21, 2009

By Katelyn

I proposed the question before, is Charlie Pace alive?  We saw Dominic Monaghan at Comic Con with what looks like “Am I Alive?” scribbled on his palm as he waved to adoring fans.  But now according to Kristin Dos Santos at E! Online, we will be seeing more of Charlie Pace in the upcoming season six.


His appearance on stage as the grand finale of Lost‘s panel all but confirmed that Mr. Pace would be back for the final season of Lost. But is it true? And if so, how much might we see of him? Here’s what we’re hearing…

Sources tell us exclusively that, yes, Dom’s deal to reappear on Lost is done and that the original castmember is set to appear in three episodes in season six.

No word yet on the answer to the big question: Is Charlie alive? We’ll have to wait until Lost returns to ABC in January 2010 to find out.

I don’t know about you guys but three episodes are just got enough, especially since I am a firm believer that Charlie is still alive.

I mean, three episodes are better than none!


Is Charlie Alive?

October 16, 2009

By Katelyn:

Thanks to sl-Lost this picture was posted of Dominic Monaghan from the Comic-Con panel.


I read, “Am I Alive?”  Is Dominic trying to tell us something?!  I mean, Charlie does have a thing for writing important messages on his hands…


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