Lost’s final season might not actually be the end

January 6, 2010

‘LOST’s final season might not actually be the end
January 6, 9:08 AMDallas Pop Media Examiner | Sean Easley

The creators of LOST have said for some time now that the show had a definite endpoint, and that the story would come to a satisfying conclusion. Such a revelation has given fans and viewers hope that LOST would not become an overly promotional franchise, and that, like a good piece of literature, it could stand on its own merits apart once all was said and done.

However, the creators of LOST have finally admitted that, even though their story will have a definite and complete denouement, there is always the possibility that ABC/Disney will bring LOST back in the form of another show, or a movie, or other unforeseen manifestation.

According to Lindelof and Cuse (in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter), the LOST franchise is now worth too much to let it rest forever untouched:

Cuse: The Walt Disney Co. owns “Lost.” It’s a franchise that’s conservatively worth billions of dollars. It’s hard to imagine “Lost” will rest on the shelves and nothing will ever be made with “Lost.” Eventually somebody will make something under the moniker of “Lost” — whether we do it or not. We just made a commitment to this group of characters whose stories are coming to a conclusion this May.

Lindelof: Somebody made a sequel to “Gone With the Wind.” Sometimes the franchise transcends the storyteller. The definitive edition of “Lost” ends this May on ABC, and that is the story that we have to tell. It has a beginning, middle and end. That ending will not have cliffhangers, or be set up in such a way that people will be saying, “Clearly they’re going to make more of these.” We don’t have any connection to another TV series or movie, but there’s a new “A-Team” movie coming out, for god’s sake. This is a business that thrives on known commodities. “Tron” is the most buzzed-about Disney movie for next year, and it has been gathering dust for 20 years. I cannot imagine there will not be something with “Lost” on it involving smoke monsters and polar bears and time travel.

For many LOST fans, this possibility is frightening. The hardcore fans do not want to see their franchise be misused or watered down by those who only want to capitalize on a successful franchise. On the other hand, there may still be great stories that could come out of the world of LOST, and this could be the start of something much greater than even its creators imagined (in the vein of Star Wars and similar franchises). Only time will tell.


Executive Producers Comment on Season 6

October 20, 2009

According to Lost executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (via TVguide.com):

If there is a theme to Lost‘s sixth and final season, it might be “things coming full circle.”

“[In the first season, the characters] were running around the jungle, things felt intense and surprising,” the Hollywood Reporter quotes Cuse as saying. “We have a way that we’re going to be able to do that in the final season, too.”

The return of familiar faces — including the decidedly dead and presumed dead — will also come into play, with both Jeremy Davies and Elizabeth Mitchell set to reprise their roles as Faraday and Juliet. And based on the dramatic timing of Dominic Monaghan’s last-moment arrival on the dais, Charlie would seem a safe bet to (somehow) resurface as well.

“There’s a good chance you’ll be seeing many characters you haven’t seen since the first season,” said Lindelof.

Some tropes will be absent from Season 6. Time-travel is so yesterday, the producers indicated, and flashbacks/forwards are long gone. Instead, Lindelof said, “We’re going to do something different” to tell the final 18 hours’ worth of story.