Who We Want to See (and who we don’t want to see) in the Final Season

January 31, 2010

By Annie

There are so many rumors, speculation, and announcements about which of our favorite Losties will appear (in many cases this means re-appear) in Lost’s sixth and final season. There are a few obvious favorites and some who we don’t like so much. But sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all the Lost talk. So here’s a short summary of who we want to see, don’t want to see, and who has been confirmed as appearing in the final season of Lost.

1. Charlie Pace

If you read this blog at all, you should know that we love him and obviously want to see him back in Season 6. His tragic but triumphant death scene left us wanting to see as much of Charlie as possible (and aside from a few Desmond flashbacks and Hurley hallucinations, we’ve been seriously disappointed). Luckily, we’ll be seeing more of him this year. Dominic Monaghan is scheduled to appear in four episodes in Season 6.

Status: Confirmed


2. Claire Littleton

What happened to this girl? One day she was a new mother struggling to care for her son on a deserted island, and the next day she takes off to hang out in a weird cabin with her estranged (and supposedly dead) father. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Claire, she really needs to come back this season just so we can find out where she’s been. Luckily, Emilie de Ravin will be returning to Lost in Season 6.

Status: Confirmed


3. Daniel Faraday

Who doesn’t love this guy? Yep, Jeremy Davies is back, and so is our favorite physicist!

Status: Confirmed


4. Boone Carlyle

Boone was “a sacrifice that the island demanded,” but that doesn’t mean that he can’t return as a weird ghost/apparition/whatever. Apparently the producers agree, since Ian Somerhalder and his eyebrows will be returning in Season 6 for several episodes.

Status: Confirmed


5. Shannon Rutherford

This annoying blonde overstayed her welcome in the first two seasons if you ask me. All the whining and complaining was just a bit much for me, and I’d really rather not have to deal with it in Season 6. Luckily, Maggie Grace has a busy schedule and has not been able to confirm her appearance.

Status: Unconfirmed


6. Charlotte Lewis

Oh Charlotte, your eyes creep me out and your accent is annoying. Furthermore, you take up way too much of Daniel Faraday’s attention. I’d rather not see you in Season 6, but unfortunately I’ll have to. Rebecca Mader has confirmed her appearance.

Status: Confirmed


7. Libby Smith

One of the biggest questions I want to see answered in the final season is what happened with Libby in the mental hospital. She never had any flashback episodes, so the only time we saw her there was through Hurley. Now it’s time for some answers. And Cynthia Watros is returning to Lost, so hopefully we’ll get some backstory.

Status: Confirmed


8. Michael Dawson

Michael has had a lot of ups and downs throughout the last five seasons. My feelings about him are mixed, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way. But Harold Perrineau is returning in Season 6, so we’ll be seeing more of Michael.

Status: Confirmed


9. Walt Lloyd

Walt is “special.” We don’t know why he is special or what makes him special, but I’d really like to find that out. Producers have stated that they would like to bring Walt back, but they are working on a way to overcome how much Malcolm David Kelley has grown since his last appearance.

Status: Unconfirmed


‘Lost’ Disney Attraction

January 6, 2010

Found: ‘Lost’ Petition for Disney Attraction
By Claudine Zap, Y! Buzz | Tuesday, January 5, 2010

That is, if some hardcore fans of both the happiest place on earth and the weirdest show on TV have anything to say about it. A petition for a “Lost” island attraction to replace Tom Sawyer Island has gone viral on the Web. It is making the rounds among those feeling a sense of, well, loss, at the idea that their beloved TV show will go dark as of May 2010.

So without word of a “Lost” movie in the works and looking at a grim future minus the completely engrossing world of plane crash victims stranded on a tropical island, fans’ last hope is the Big Mouse. After all, Disney is the parent company to the ABC network, which airs the series. So, why not take over the sadly outdated mash-up of Tom Sawyer and Pirates of the Caribbean and imagineer something rabid obsessive lovers of “Lost” would actually appreciate?

The wishful thinkers behind the petition are making it easy for Disney: As the OC Weekly points out, the organizers even suggest components to the ride, including ruins, a smoke monster, Jacob’s cabin, and a submarine ride. Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into this plea to let “Lost” live.

It’s not a completely crazy idea, either. No offense to the American icon who ruled the Mississippi on a raft, but that’s not even retro cool. That’s just plain out of date. More puzzling, the Tom Sawyer Island is now shared with Pirate’s Lair and, these Disney 2.0 types argue, the whole thing could use a refresh. Maybe Disney would be open to a social-media inspired attraction attached to one of their amazingly successful TV shows.

Sound like something you’d enjoy?  Sign the petition! We did!

Oceanic Airlines Destination: Wisteria Lane

October 16, 2009

Oceanic Airlines Destination: Wisteria Lane

Via Kristin Dos Santos:

Marc Cherry has confirmed that a plane is going to come crashing down on Desperate Housewives’ Wisteria Lane this season, for the show’s midseason cliffhanger.

And now ABC sources are spilling this cool little nugget of info: The plane might end up being none other than one from Lost’s Oceanic Airlines.

So wait a minute, does that mean that if/when Lost resets this season with an alternate reality (if that hydrogen bomb did actually go off), Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the gang could crash on Wisteria Lane instead of the island?

The plane’s Oceanic branding would just be a fun little Easter egg for Lost fans to find. And while the crossover has yet to be finalized, I’m told the higher-ups at ABC are keen on the idea.

“Everyone loved how well those ‘ABC House’ promos did last year,” one alphabet-net mole tells me, referring to the promo spots in which characters from different ABC series mixed worlds. “We’re looking at ways to find more fun crossovers between shows, and so the idea came up to have the Desperate Housewives plane be Oceanic.”

What do you think of Lost’s mythology filtering into other ABC series? Perhaps Hurley could pay a visit to Modern Family? Smokey’s next victim could be treated at Seattle Grace? Or, oooh, I know: How about Charlie or Penny crossing over to Flash Forward? (Nahhh, that’d be too weird.)