Poll: Where has Claire been?

February 14, 2010

Last week we got to see Claire for a split second… but now the question is, WHERE HAS SHE BEEN?!

We would love to hear what you guys think about Claire’s time away from the fellow Losties!


Valentine Cards

February 14, 2010

Here are some Lost Valentine’s Day cards that we have came across on the internet!

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Zombies Invade Lost?

February 10, 2010

By Annie

Over the years, Lost has provided us with an insane number of ridiculous plot twists and story lines that keep us viewers saying, “huh?” So I’m not sure why anyone would be surprised that the producers have added Invasion of the Body Snatchers to the list. I mean, we’ve already had time travel, moving islands, and a plane that crashed somehow in two different time periods. So it only seems natural to add in some good old fashioned body snatching.

A quick recap: Last week, we learned that Locke (a.k.a. Fake Locke or Flocke) is not really the John Locke we’ve grown to know and love, the Locke that traveled with 400 knives, the Locke of destiny, the Locke of faith. Nope, this Locke is none other than the abominable smoke monster who made its debut on the show shortly after the real Locke, killing flight 815’s pilot and various other cast members throughout the years (RIP Eko).

Then, this week we found out that Smokey has claimed another – Dear Sayid, who we saw cry this episode, and I hope to never see that again for as long as I live. The weird temple guy told Jack that Sayid had been oeifjoeifjasdjhoi (mess of words from some language unbeknownst to me), the closest translation being “claimed,” and that his body is slowly being taken over by something evil and if he doesn’t take care of it before the evil reaches his heart, he will be totally gone. My first reaction to this: No! Not Sayid! My second reaction: what else? Confusion.

I really want to know how this whole body snatching thing works. If the producers are going to introduce a whole new plot line like this, I hope they at least have their story straight before jumping in with both feet. When Smokey invaded Locke, it seems that he didn’t take over Locke’s actual body, since Locke’s body is in a casket on the island, but when he invaded Sayid, it was Sayid’s actual body being taken over. My only guess would be that Smokey can have one actual main body (Locke) that he creates in the image of another (he just chose Locke because people might believe that he had risen from the dead, since the island likes to heal him and stuff). Then, Smokey can also “claim” other bodies while still occupying the one main body, but these other “satellite bodies,” as I’ll be calling them from now on, have to be invaded in their actual body. I’m not sure if it matters if these bodies are alive or dead, since Sayid was dead, but is alive now while the evil has not taken complete hold over him yet.

This is an important question to be answered, since one of our main questions for this season was: WTF HAPPENED TO CLAIRE? and it seems she has also been “claimed” which caused her to turn into a rifle toting jungle woman. So did Claire die? Was she alive when her body was taken over? Was Christian Shepherd Smokey when she was sitting in the cabin with him? Where is Christian now? Why did Claire just walk off one night? What the heck is going on? Those are just a few of the things I’m wondering.

On a whole different note, I found the alternate reality part of the show quite interesting. It also (obviously) raised a whole new batch of questions for me without answering any of the ones I already had.

If you’ll recall the episode “Raised by Another” in Season 1, you’ll remember that the reason Claire was on Flight 815 was that she was going to give her baby up for adoption, and a psychic had found a couple in L.A. that wanted her baby. This psychic was strange though. At first, he was very adamant that Claire keep her baby and raise it herself. Claire was like “No way, Jose,” and psychie was like, “Yes way, and if you don’t Imma keep callin you and wakin you up, preggs.” So that’s what happened for awhile. Then he called her one day to tell her that he found this couple in L.A. He handed her a  plane ticket for Flight 815 (which left later that day) and said, “It has to be this flight.” At the end of the episode, Claire had the revelation that there never was any couple in L.A. – the psychic knew that the plane was going to crash and that Claire would end up raising her baby (at least until she went cuckoo).

So this week, when the flight actually landed at LAX, Claire went to the home of the couple that was to adopt her baby. They had recently split up, and were no longer in the market for a baby, but they did exist. Did this mean that there was a couple all along? Did the psychic know that they had split up and that Claire would go into labor on their front porch? Or was there a different outcome this time because the island is underwater somewhere?

As usual, I’m very confused. I should stop before I hurt myself. Until next time!

Richard: I watched them all die.

February 7, 2010

By Katelyn

It has been several days since the season premiere of Lost and I still cannot get it my head around what is happening.

While sitting in my 3-hour block class the other night I remembered something that Richard Alpert said towards the end of season five.  From what I remember, he told Sun that he watched her husband die.  So I decided to look up the quote and go from there…

This scene took place in episode 05×15 Follow the Leader:

<Sun shows Richard a Dharma photograph from 1977>

SUN: These people… Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, Hugo Reyes. They were here with my husband, Jin Kwon. Were you here? Do you remember them? Any of them?

RICHARD: Yes, I was here. Thirty years ago. And I do. I remember these people. I remember… meeting them. Very clearly, because… I watched them all die.

So my question is, when did Richard watch them die?

I’m reading a lot of theories online regarding Richard’s statement and I am no closer to grasping an idea of when Richard saw them die.

A lot of people are saying that Richard believes they died during the bomb explosion.  I disagree.  I suppose Richard could have been saying it for dramatic effect but he specifically said “watched them” and there is no way Richard could have been close enough to the Swan site at the time of the explosion.  He left Jack and Sayid in the tunnels carrying/dragging the unconscious body of Eloise Hawking so I highly doubt he had time to follow them.  Also, if he was within seeing distance of the Swan site during the event he would have also died.  But, for fun, let’s just say Richard was lurking in the trees during the explosion and lived to tell the tale… wouldn’t he have noticed that they disappeared into thin air, not died?!

The other popular theory that I’ve been reading was that they were killed in the purge of the Dharma by the hostiles.  I also disagree with this.  This theory just seems absurd to me.  By this point in time, Richard has been able to interact with some of our Losties and he knows they are special and clearly not part of the Dharma Initiative.  Richard is a smart man and I don’t believe he would allow the extermination of them.

So since I disagree with both of these, you probably want to know what I think.  No?  Too bad.  I have two theories, myself.  The first one has to do with the alternate dimensions.  Thanks to Miles and his ability to talk Juliet after she died, the island Losties are somewhat aware that “it worked.”  And assuming that “it” refers to the bomb resetting time and allowing Oceanic Flight 815 to land safely at LAX, the island Losties should soon be realizing that there are two of each of them walking around out there.  Maybe the only way for them to get back to their lives in the real world is to kill themselves.  I don’t know, maybe that sounds just as absurd as the other theories.  But my last theory is definitely the best!  I think we don’t have all the information yet to be able to figure out what Richard means… we’re just going to have to wait and see!

Don’t agree with me?  Good.  We’d love to hear what you have to say.  How and when do you think Richard sees them die?

Brotha, what are you doing on this flight?

February 5, 2010

By Katelyn

After Tuesday season premiere I think everyone was left with more questions than they know what to do with.  I know I was.  One of everyone’s burning questions: Why was Desmond Hume on Oceanic Flight 815?

I believe Desmond was on Oceanic Flight 815 because he was continuing to fulfill his duty to save Charlie.  Desmond came and sat next to Jack at a very important part in the flight.  If Desmond had not came and sat next to Jack and initiated a conversation, Jack would have continued to drink his sorrows away and by the time the stewardess requested his help, he would have been unable to save Charlie.  It was Jack’s sober and swift thinking that allowed him to act appropriately under pressure save Charlie from dying.  After all of this excitement, Jack went back to his seat to find Desmond missing.  Desmond was no where to be found because his job was complete… for now.

But just like before, Charlie is destined to die and he let Jack know this when he yelled, “I was supposed to die.”

The morning after…

February 3, 2010

By Katelyn

After having a night to process everything I took in last night during the premiere, I am still just as confused.  Annie and I had intended on each writing about what we thought about the premiere and our expectations about the rest of the season but I am at a loss for words.

I feel unable to articulate what I thought about the epic two hours because my mind is just completely blown.  All I have is more questions on top of the 100 questions that I previously wrote about.

Are there two separate worlds or dimensions going on?  Alternate universes?  Charlie is alive?  Why did Charlie tell Jack he was supposed to die?  Why was Desmond on the plane?  Where did Desmond disappear to after Jack saved Charlie?  Was this just another time of Desmond saving Charlie’s life?  If so, will Charlie just eventually die because he’s “supposed to?”  Where was Shannon?  How did the island no longer existing keep her with her boyfriend in Sydney?  Did John Locke really go on the walk-about even though he was in the wheelchair?  Or was he lying to look like a badass?  Where did Christian Shephard’s body go?  How does Hurley have good luck?  Are the numbers no longer cursed?  Do the numbers just not exist? So Locke isn’t Locke?  Locke is the guy that hates Jacob?  What is this guy’s name?  This guy (in Locke’s body) is Smokey?  Can we refer to him as Smokey? …and the list goes on!

There were a few quotes that I felt were important.  I’m not sure exactly what it was supposed to mean but I feel like the most important line came right after the turbulence during the flight, which originally was the demise of Oceanic Flight 815.  After the turbulence calmed, Rose looked at Jack and said “It’s okay, you can let go now.” Obviously it symbolized that the nightmare of the island has officially ended… but I feel like it has a more important meaning also.  The next quote came from Charlie after he revived by Jack upon choking on a bag of heroin.  He yelled, “I was supposed to die” to Jack while being escorted by the plane marshals.  This makes me think that maybe everyone that died on the island will quickly die in this new world that has been created.

Everything I said today may just be a bunch of mumble jumble… so discard it if you’d like.  I’ve always been slightly confused by Lost but after last night, I’m confused on a whole new level.  I’m hoping episode 2 will bring us some answers and less questions so I can stop feeling like a mad woman!

A Very Brief Recap of Seasons 1-5

February 3, 2010

By Annie

So I’ve been hearing a lot of people say that last night’s season 6 premiere was confusing – and not just because of the fact that it’s Lost and therefore it must not make sense, but because they have forgotten what happened in the last couple of seasons.

So if you missed last night’s recap show or if you just want another refresher course, here are my notes.

Season 1

All these dudes and dudettes crash on an island (duh). The island is weird because it’s tropical but there are polar bears and a monster that looks like a big cloud of smoke. There’s also a big ship in the middle of the island, and some other people (both dead and alive) who have been stranded there at other points throughout history. They try to get rescued but no one comes. Jack, the doctor, tries to save everyone and usually succeeds (a few exceptions: Joanna, Boone, Scott and/or Steve). Other important characters to keep in mind include: Kate (the criminal), Sawyer (the con man), Sayid (the torturer), John Locke (the guy who always talks about destiny), Michael and Walt (the father/son duo), Jin and Sun (the Koreans), Boone and Shannon (the incestual step-siblings), Claire (the preggo), Charlie (the rockstar junkie), and Hurley (the guy who always says “Dude”). They also try to build a raft to get off the island but some other people who already live on the island (the others) foil this plan and steal Walt.

Season 2

John Locke found this secret hatch and he and Jack go inside. They find the Scottish hunk, Desmond, inside. He leaves until the end of the season, but that means Jack and John have to press this button every 108 minutes to save the world. Meanwhile, the guys from the raft have been captured by who they think are the others, but it turns out they are just more survivors from the tail section of the plane. They go back and hang out with the rest of the survivors. Ana Lucia is like their leader but she’s a little over zealous with the gun (but we forgive her when she shoots Shannon because no one liked her anyway). Mr. Eko is a priest/former drug dealer. And Libby is a clinical psychologist who gets a little friendly with Hurley. Then this guy Ben, who says his name is Henry but it’s really not, gets captured by this crazy chick Danielle, and he goes and hangs out in the hatch with John and Jack. Michael leaves to go look for Walt, then he comes back later and shoots Ana Lucia and Libby and lets Ben go back to the others. Then he convinces Jack, Kate and Sawyer to go with him to the others’ camp and they get kidnapped. Then Michael and Walt peace out and take this crappy little boat off the island. Also, Desmond comes back and he has to blow up the hatch because John decided to stop pressing the button. Oh, and there’s this statue (or part of one) that’s a foot with only four toes.

Season 3

Jack is being held in a dolphin tank and he gets sandwiches every day from Juliet, who is this blond fertility doctor other. Kate and Sawyer are also being held captive, but they just hang out in cages and do it. A bunch of other stuff happens with the others. Some people die and Sawyer gets beat up a lot. It turns out they’re really on a different island altogether, and Kate and Sawyer are just supposed to break a lot of rocks while Ben convinces Jack to remove the tumor from his spine. After he does, he’s supposed to be able to leave the island on a submarine, but John comes to “save” Jack and he blows up the sub. There is an other named Richard Alpert who is introduced. He wears a lot of eyeliner and never ages and is totally mysterious and badass. There are also these two weirdos named Nicky and Paulo who interrupt the show for an entire episode while they whine a lot and make crazy plots and eventually get buried alive. Can’t say I’m too broken up about that one.

Season 4

Some of the survivors left the island. Jack, Kate, Sun, Sayid, Hurley, and Claire’s baby Aaron get rescued. We know this at the beginning but we clearly can’t find out how that happened until the end. So basically, Charles Widmore (Desmond’s long lost love Penny’s father and Ben’s arch nemesis) sends a boat to the island and some people are on it. There are scientists (Daniel Faraday), Vigilantes (Naomi and those dudes who shoot Ben’s Daughter), ghost whisperers (Miles), annoying red heads (Charlotte), and Traitors (Michael). They say they’re there to help, but they’re really not. A lot of debate happens. John and Jack split up and the survivors have to choose between their metaphorical divorcing parents. This awesome bearded man named Frank takes some of them up on a chopper. Sawyer jumps out to make it lighter, then when they make it to the boat it blows up. So they head back to the island but when they get there it disappears. Turns out Ben moved it. So the chopper crashes into the ocean and somehow they are all unharmed from this ordeal. Then Desmond’s girl Penny shows up and saves them. Back in the real world. Jack is a junkie and has a gnarly beard, Sayid is a hitman, Hurley is back in the loony bin, Sun is angry because she believes Jin is dead, and Kate is playing mommy to Aaron.

Season 5

All the people on the island are moving through time and Charlotte gets these headaches and nosebleeds and eventually croaks. Daniel Faraday tries to figure all of it out, but his mind is a little too complex for the rest of the Losties so no one really knows what is going on (including the people watching), but they just go with it and hope it all works out. John Locke goes off the island to convince the Oceanic 6 to come back but Ben kills him. Apparently, this convinces them and they come back by taking another plane over the Pacific and it crashes too. Somehow, the crash forces some of the survivors to crash in the present and some of them to crash back in the 70’s, which is where Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin are hanging out with the Dharma Initiative. Kate, Jack and Hurley disguise as Dharma folk and hang out there for awhile, but Sayid is labeled a hostile and he tries to shoot young Ben but it doesn’t work. (These sentences are incredibly long and nonsensical because that’s how watching this season felt). Ben and Sun and Frank are all stuck in the present, and John Locke appears to have risen from the dead but he’s really this guy who hates Jacob and wants to kill him. He convinces Ben to do it though. Somewhere along the line there is a hydrogen bomb and at the end they decide to blow it up so that none of these shenanigans ever happen.