5 x 03 – Jughead

Desmond awakes from a “dream” of Daniel Faraday telling him he needs to go to Oxford and tell his mother that Faraday is still on the island.  So what does Des do?  He wakes up and sails to Oxford against Penny’s wishes.  Penny is scared if they go back her father, Widmore, will find them and that will be bad news.

Desmond finds Theresa who was negatively affected by one of Daniel’s time experiments.  Her caretaker/sister informs Desmond that when Daniel ran off to the US, his benefactor, Widmore, took responsibility for Theresa.  In fact, Widmore funded Faraday’s research at Oxford for 10 years!

Back on the island, the Losties and company are in 1954.  Miles, Faraday and Charlotte get caught by some others and taken to their camp.  Where Richard Alpert asks if they came to claim their bomb, which leaves everyone confused but Faraday.

Meanwhile, Locke, Sawyer and Juliet capture two Others who begin to speak Latin.  Locke asks, “How is it that they can speak Latin?”  And Juliet responds with, “for the same reason I can, they’re others.”  And later she adds that Latin is the “language of the enlightened.”

Once they’re at the camp, all the Time Travelers meet up.  Daniel tries to fix the broken H-bomb in order to save the island.  We find out that a young Charles Widmore is living on the island as an Other.  And in a conversation between Locke and Alpert in 1954, Locke tries to convince Alpert that Locke is the leader.  Alpert explains that leaders are chosen at a young age so Locke tells him where and when he is born so Alpert can select him as a leader.  Then the strange noise happens and the time travel begins once again.

After this latest round of time traveling, Charlotte dies due to some kind of complication.


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