5 x 02 – The Lie

This episode is all about the Oceanic 6’s lie unraveling.  Hurley is faced with the decision of keeping the secret or telling the truth to his parents to gain their trust in order to help a hurt Sayid.  After telling his parents the truth, Sayid is taken to Jack for help because Hurley thinks he is the only one they can trust.  But boy is he ever wrong!

Jack and Ben are scheming a way to get everyone back to the island so when Sayid shows up at his door, their both pleased.

The best part of this episode is when Ben sneeks into Hurley’s kitchen and Hurley throws a Hot Pocket at him.

Ben tries to talk Hurley into returning to the island but Hurley decides it is a better idea to just turn himself in for the multiple murders he is a suspect for.

Back on the island, time is still rapidly changing.  And during one quite night, the beach was attacked by flaming arrows from, who can be assumed are, the Dharma.  Exactly who survives the attack isn’t clear until the end of the season.


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