5 x 01 – Because You Left

This episode shows some of the background of The Orchid and the difficulties and troubles the Dharma had building it in the 1970s (like the stone that was so hard it was un-drill-able).  There is some crazy talk about time travel but none of the Dharma believe it for a second.  You also catch a glimpse of Daniel Faraday… what is he doing there?

In a “3 Years Ago” flashback, we get to see again how Ben moved the island–turning the giant wheel in the ice room below The Orchid.

Off the island, Ben is working on recruiting the Oceanic 6 to get them to go back to the island.  Some creepy lawyer guys show up at Kate’s door demanding a blood test to determine the relationship between Kate and Aaron.  This scares her (obviously) so she packs up and is ready to run (again).

In the meantime, the island is doing its time traveling thing and this concept is far too complex for Sawyer to grasp.  Faraday tries to explain it to the bonehead as a skipping record on a turn table.  Whatever Ben did, dislodged the island from time–time is skipping.  This has caused things around them to change, for example the disappearance of their camp.


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