2 x 22 – Three Minutes

So Michael is back at camp, but we’re not really sure how he got there or what he did for the whole time he was gone. We know something isn’t right because he shot Ana Lucia and Libby and let Ben go free. The rest of the Losties, don’t know this, so they’re going along with whatever Michael says (that Ben got free and killed the two girls and shot Michael in the leg).

So now, Michael is trying to convince Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to go to the Others’ camp to try to get Walt back. He’s obviously being very peculiar about the whole situation. I mean, I love Hurley as much as the next guy, but if I had to choose who to take on my secret mission, it would most definitely be Sayid, not Hurley. But Michael seems hell-bent on taking Hurley, but not Sayid.

Throughout the episode, the camp prepares to bury Ana Lucia and Libby. Hurley is clearly distraught and does not wish to accompany Michael to the Others’ camp. And Sayid begins to notice that something is not right with Michael. He approaches Jack about this, but they decide not to tell Michael so that he thinks he is still in control. This will allow Sayid to create an advantage in some crazy badass way.

So where was Michael when he went out on his own? Long story short: he was captured by the Others. They kept him in a tent and allowed him to see Walt once. Toward the end of his stay, a lady named Miss Klugh told Michael that Ben had been taken by the Losties. She told him that he must go release him, and then bring a list of people back to the Others’ camp. The list: Jack, Kate, Hurley and James Ford (a.k.a. Sawyer).

At the end of the episode, while the Losties are mourning the deaths of Ana Lucia and Libby, Sun looks out to the water and yells, “Boat!” Dun dun dun…


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