2 x 21 – ?

We all know that the great John Locke is always having dreams and visions and other crazy things that let him see the future or figure out what to do next. Now Mr. Eko is following in his footsteps.

At the beginning, a recently murdered Ana Lucia appears to Eko in a dream and tells him he has to help John. Help him with what, you might ask? Help him find the question mark. If you’ll recall in an earlier episode, Locke got a quick look at the crazy hieroglyphic map when he was trapped under the blast door. So the two of them set out (John, reluctantly) to find the question mark on the map.

Meanwhile, Michael is back in the hatch with Jack who is trying to help Libby, who has just been shot. What Jack doesn’t know is that Michael is the one who shot her.

Through Eko’s flashbacks we learn how he came to be on Flight 815.  While he was pretending to be a priest, a family came forward claiming that their daughter had drowned and then came back to life. It was Eko’s job to investigate this so-called miracle for the church. There was some compelling evidence, but then the girl’s father (who also happens to be the psychic that told Claire she needed to raise her baby) came forward and said that it was all a lie – that the mother had made it up to spite him because she knew that he was a fraud. Hmm…?

Back on the island, John and Eko find the Question Mark, which happens to be another Dharma station. There, they watch an orientation video where John learns that “the button” is just a psychological experiment, and he begins to lose faith. But Eko’s faith seems to be stronger than ever.


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