2 x 06 – Abandoned

Shannon is a bitch. But in this episode we find out she is really a bitch with a troubled past.

We already know her father is dead. He died in an automobile accident when Shannon was 18. Shannon’s stepmother (Boone’s mother) is very cold to Shannon during the whole funeral process. She barely says two words to her and is very quick to correct people who think Shannon is her daughter.

Boone is there, of course, and he tries to offer Shannon some support (in the form of scotch), but when Shannon gets her dream internship in New York, Boone’s mom won’t let her have any of her father’s money. She tells Shannon she’ll have to make her own way and basically calls her a spoiled bitch (which she is, but it doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get any of her father’s money).

Back on the island, Shannon and Sayid’s relationship is blossoming. That is, until Shannon starts seeing Walt hanging out around the island and Sayid doesn’t believe her.

At the end of the episode, Shannon runs out into the jungle. She runs into Ana Lucia and company, who have just witnessed another abduction by the Others. Trigger-happy Ana Lucia opens fire on Shannon, not knowing she isn’t an Other. Sayid runs in after her and finds his love dead on the ground.


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