2 x 05 – …And Found

Sun is on one side of the island. Jin is on the other. As far as Sun knows, Jin died out on the raft (since she found the bottle full of messages that was supposed to be on the raft with her husband), and now she has lost her wedding ring.

Understandably distraught, Sun spends the majority of the episode searching for her lost ring. And Jin spends the majority of the episode traveling across the island.

A look into the past of the lovable Kwon’s reveals how they first met. Sun, who was raised in a very wealthy family, is set up by a matchmaker with a man from another very well-to-do Korean family. Meanwhile, Jin, who is from a not-so-wealthy family, seeks employment at the same hotel where Sun goes to meet her blind date.

When Sun’s date, or the bald guy as I like to call him, announces that he will be moving to America to be with a woman he met while attending college at Harvard, Sun suddenly decides she has an appointment and hurries out the door, where she runs into Jin.

Back on the island, Sun feels like she has exhausted all her options to find her ring (including waiting for Vincent to poop it out). The wise John Locke tells her that “the only way anything lost ever gets found is when you stop looking.” So she stops looking and just stares out to sea.

Kate approaches her and Sun tells her about the bottle washing up on shore. Kate wants to see it, but Sun buried it. They go to dig it up, and of course, her ring is there in the dirt.


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