2 x 04 – Everybody Hates Hugo

The hatch has been opened, but only a select few know what’s inside. The always lovable Hurley is one member of this elite group, and everyone wants to know what he knows. He is constantly fielding questions about what lies inside the hatch, but he has promised Jack that he won’t tell.

His other assignment is to inventory all of the food in the hatch’s pantry, find a way to make it all last, and make sure none of the survivors eat any of it in the meantime. He enlists one of the only trustworthy survivors, Rose, to help him with this task. And he confides in her about his fear that everyone will hate him because he has to play food police.

We already know that Hurley is a lottery winner, worth $156 million. But in this episode we learn about when he first found out that he won, and how he was afraid that it would change his life in negative ways.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, Michael, Jin and Sawyer are still being held captive by the “others” who are really just the survivors from the tail section of Flight 815. After questioning the three amigos, Ana Lucia and company decide that they believe their story and they are released from their underground prison.

At the end of the episode, Hurley decides that it would be best to just let everyone take the food they want, and they can all have a giant party and be happy for one night. This is why everybody loves Hurley.

Random Side Notes:

Claire finds the bottle of messages that had been on the raft. She shares them with Sun.

Bernard, Rose’s ALIVE husband is introduced in this episode along with the other survivors from the tail section.

Hurley’s jackass boss, Randy, at Mr. Cluck’s, is the same Randy that later becomes John Locke’s jackass boss at the box company.


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