2 x 01 – Man of Science, Man of Faith

In this episode, the man of science (Jack) bumps heads with the man of faith (John). After blowing open the mysterious hatch, the two find that it would be impossible to hide everyone there for the night. In Jack’s mind, this was the only reason for opening the hatch. But John had other plans.

We already know that John Locke is a man who believes in destiny. He believes that he was brought to that hatch to find out what was inside. And even though it would be impossible for the hatch to serve it’s original intended purpose as a hiding place for the camp, he still wants to go in and find out what kind of secrets lie inside.

So what is inside? That answer is complicated. But who is inside? The one we’ve come to know and love as Desmond. In fact, the episode starts off showing Desmond’s morning routine. It seems normal enough except that when a loud beeping starts, Desmond has to enter some numbers into a computer and press “execute.” At this point we do not know that this man is in the hatch. But then a loud noise interrupts him – an explosion. The man puts on a Dharma uniform and quickly goes to see what made the noise. Through a series of dark and old looking tunnels, we see John and Jack staring into the hatch from the ground above.

Ironically, Desmond and Jack have met before. In Jack’s series of flashbacks, we get to see how he met his ex-wife, Sarah. She came into the ER with a broken neck, and Jack was assigned to perform surgery on her. Before the operation, Jack promised, “I’m going to fix you.” But afterwards, fearing he had not done as he promised, he goes to let off some steam by running all the stairs in a stadium. While there, he hurts his ankle, and a cute Scottish man with a ponytail hurries to his rescue. Jack tells Desmond about how he failed to fix Sarah. Desmond asks, “What if you did?” Jack is confused by this question, since he is sure he did not fix her. But later when he returns to the hospital, he finds that Sarah is not paralyzed like he thought she would be.

Back on the island, Kate has gone after Locke. When she reaches the hatch, Locke tells her that he thinks she should go in first, because he’ll be able to pull her up if anything goes wrong. She goes in, but something happens and John can’t hold on. Kate is nowhere to be seen or heard, so John goes in after her.

Jack is back at the caves with the rest of the survivors, announcing that they will all stay together and keep each other safe. But as soon as he finishes his speech, he has a change of heart and decides to go after Kate and Locke.

When he arrives at the hatch, neither are there. He goes in after them, and quickly finds Desmond with a gun pointed at John Locke’s head. What happens next? Stay tuned…


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