1 x 21 – The Greater Good

Okay, Sayid is a badass – we all know that. But in this episode we get a glimpse of his very impressive non-torture interrogation techniques when he questions John Locke about Boone’s death.

Jack is furious at John because he lied about Boone’s injuries, which led to Jack giving improper medical treatments. Shannon is distressed and confused, and says to Sayid, “John Locke killed my brother. Can you do something about that?”

So Sayid ventures out into the jungle with John to learn the truth about the plane, the fall, and the hatch. After much questioning, Sayid believes John’s story about Boone’s death, but this doesn’t satisfy Shannon. She sneaks into Jack’s tent to steal a gun, and then attempts to kill Locke. When Sayid prevents her from going through with it, she storms away.

Through Sayid’s flashbacks, we learn that he was in Sydney because he was helping the CIA prevent a terrorist attack, which was supposed to be executed by one of his friends. It was then his intention to fly to L.A. to reconnect with his lost love, Nadia.

Random Side Notes:

Claire’s unnamed baby won’t stop crying, that is, until Sawyer reads to him.

Sayid was almost never on Oceanic Flight 815. He stayed an extra day in Sydney to claim the body of a deceased friend.


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