1 x 20 – Do No Harm

This episode brings the end of one life and the beginning of another. Jack tries frantically to save Boone’s life, but problems arise and his injuries prove too much for Jack and the island’s limited medical resources.

Through flashbacks, we find out that Jack doesn’t take well to not being able to save his patients. Case in point: his ex-wife, Sarah. Jack and Sarah met when she came into the hospital after a terrible car accident. With a broken back and a slim-to-none chance of ever walking again, Jack promises, “I’ll fix you.” And he did.

But Boone is a different story. When he needs a blood transfusion, Jack’s only option is to use his own blood. But when the blood begins to gather in Boone’s leg, Jack knows that John Locke lied about how Boone was injured.

The only hope now is to amputate Boone’s leg, but this will take a lot of antibiotics. And Boone, though weak, knows what is going on and tells Jack to just let him go.

Meanwhile in the jungle, Kate stumbles upon a very pregnant Claire, who starts having contractions. The two send Jin to the caves to find Jack. But when he arrives, Jack is already giving his own blood to save Boone. He sends Charlie back out into the jungle to inform Kate that she’ll need to deliver Claire’s baby.

The end is bittersweet. Happy that Claire gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but sad and confused by Boone’s death, the survivors of 815 await the return of the elusive John Locke.


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