1 x 14 – Special

What did we learn in this episode?

  • Walt’s mom is a bitch.
  • Michael wasn’t involved in Walt’s life until very recently.
  • Walt is “special.”
  • Walt’s mom is a bitch.
  • Walt’s mom died in Australia.
  • Michael wants to build a raft.
  • Michael used to be an artist.
  • Walt’s mom is a bitch.
  • That’s the gist of it.

To go into a little more detail, this episode’s flashbacks give us a closer look into the pasts of Michael and Walt. We already knew that there was some tension in this father/son relationship. The reason behind this is simple: Michael wasn’t there for the majority of Walt’s childhood. The reason behind this, however, is not quite as simple.

You see, Walt’s mom is a bitch. She would not marry Michael when she was pregnant with Walt. Then a few years later, she took a job in Amsterdam, leaving Michael in New York alone, with no choice as to whether or not he could be with his son. Then, she goes off and gets married, and convinces Michael to give up his fatherly rights because it would be best for Walt.

Back on the island, Michael is getting jealous of John Locke’s friendship with Walt. He warns Locke to stay away from him, but he can’t seem to keep his son away. This prompts Michael’s idea of building a large raft to help a few of the survivors leave the island to go find help.

Later in the episode, Walt gets frustrated with his father’s rules, and he takes Vincent and storms out into the jungle. As we all know, there are all kinds of crazy things out there, so Walt inevitably runs into one. But John Locke is there to help. Together, Michael and Locke save Walt from a polar bear, and Michael and Walt’s relationship seems okay again (for the time being, at least).

At the very end of the episode, Locke and Boone wander into the jungle to search for Vincent, but instead they find Claire, who immediately collapses into John’s arms.


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