1 x 10 – Raised By Another

This episode begins with Claire having a violent nightmare about someone trying to hurt her baby. She awakens the entire camp with her screams. Charlie is very concerned, and vows to find the culprit. Jack, on the other hand, is convinced that Claire is hallucinating, and he tries to give her sedatives to prevent her stress levels from causing an early labor.

Claire is upset that Jack doesn’t believe her, and she decides to go back to the beach. On the way there, Charlie intercepts her, but she’s so upset that she starts having contractions.

Meanwhile, Hurley decides that there should be a system in place to prevent attacks and other crime on the island. So he sets up a census, so that everyone on the island is accounted for.

A look into Claire’s past reveals that she went through some baby mama drama before coming to the island. Her idiot boyfriend, who originally convinced her to keep the baby when she first got pregnant, left her when she was very very pregnant. Boyfriendless, Claire decides to give the baby up for adoption, but not before consulting a psychic…

This psychic seems very adamant that Claire not let anyone else raise her baby. He even calls her at home to try to talk her out of the adoption. Then, when she finally decides to hear him out, the psychic says he has changed his mind, and he has found her a couple in L.A. who would like to adopt her baby. So he provides her with a ticket to L.A. and says, “It has to be this flight.” Hmm…

Back on the island, Hurley is frantic. He runs up to Jack and yells about how one of the so-called survivors is not on the flight manifest. So who is the man who doesn’t belong? Ethan. And who do you think showed up following Charlie and Claire at the end of the episode (looking very creepy)? You guessed it: Ethan.


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  1. […] you’ll recall the episode “Raised by Another” in Season 1, you’ll remember that the reason Claire was on Flight 815 […]

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