1 x 08 – Confidence Man

Oh, Sawyer, you act like such a jackass but we all know that you’re nothing but a softy at heart.

Yep, that’s right, this episode revolves around the island’s favorite conman.  And yes, we get to see a con from start to finish via Sawyer’s flashbacks.  The concept: Sawyer sleeps with a woman who just happens to have a rich husband, then lets it slip that he’s about to close on a “deal.”  This deal involves an investment to which he has just less than half the money needed. He makes the woman think that it’s her idea to provide the rest of the money, then Sawyer skips town with all the cash.

In this particular con, however, there’s a catch. Just at the very end, when Sawyer has all the money in hand, the couple’s young son enters the room. Sawyer looks absolutely mortified, throws the case of money down and leaves, announcing that the deal is off.

Back on the island, we learn why. It turns out that Sawyer’s life was ruined by a man who used to run that exact same con. Only when Sawyer’s father found out, he got so mad that he killed his wife and then himself, all while a young Sawyer watched from underneath the bed.

It is because of this that Sawyer is called Sawyer. He took the name of the man that ruined his life, and continues to carry around a letter he wrote to the man when he was a kid. In Kate’s opinion, Sawyer wants everyone to hate him, because he turned into the man that ruined his life.

This, in Kate’s opinion, is why Sawyer acts like an ass, and why, when asked where he was hiding Shannon’s asthma medication, he didn’t just say that he did not have it. He instead beat up Boone for looking through his stuff, and then allowed Jack and Sayid to torture him for information. This then leads Sayid to leave the camp at the end of the episode, out of shame for what he did to Sawyer.

Random Side Notes:

Claire and Charlie’s friendship begins to blossom in this episode, when Charlie finds an imaginary jar of peanut butter, which Claire has been craving.

Awesome Hurley Quote: I’m a big guy, it’s going to be awhile before you’re going to want to give me a piggy-back ride.


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