1 x 06 – House of the Rising Sun

We finally get a look into the lives of the mysterious Korean couple, Sun and Jin, in this episode.  We find out that Jin is more than just a controlling husband, and Sun has a few secrets up her sleeves as well…

At the beginning of the episode, Jin attacks Michael for no apparent reason.  Sayid and Sawyer break up the fight and handcuff Jin to the plane wreckage.

Throughout all the drama on the island, we get a peek into the couple’s past.  Sun, daughter of a rich auto company CEO, married Jin when he was just a poor waiter.  Jin then went to work for Sun’s father, which began his transformation into the controlling husband that he seems to be.

Jin and Sun travel from Korea to Sydney and plan to travel to L.A. so that Jin can deliver a watch for Sun’s father.  Sun’s plan is to leave Jin at the airport in Sydney and go off to live her own life in America.  But for a moment Jin turns back into the man Sun fell in love with, and she can’t leave him.

At the end of the episode, we learn that Sun can speak English when she approaches Michael to explain why the fight occurred.  Jin, however, has no clue.

Random Side Notes:

John Locke owns both Drive Shaft albums.

Jack decides that the cave where the water spring is located would make a perfect living space, and brings some of the survivors there to live.

Charlie forfeits his drugs to Locke when Locke finds Charlie’s guitar for him.


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