1 x 05 – White Rabbit

Jack has daddy issues.  Anyone who has seen a single episode of Lost knows this.  Christian Shephard, Jack’s father, makes his debut in this episode, popping in  and out of Jack’s line of vision even though he died before the plane even took off from Sydney.

This episode highlights Jack’s eagerness to save everyone, from the kid getting beat up on the playground when he was younger to Boone and Joanna, the unknown woman drowning after being carried away from the island by a current.

Christian seems to have a very different opinion of trying to save people, even though he was also a doctor.  “Don’t try to save everyone, because when you fail you just don’t have what it takes,” he said to Jack when he was young.

Now, Christian continues to torment Jack by appearing in his funeral suit almost everywhere Jack turns.  Jack decides to go on a search for him (hence: White Rabbit, the first of many Alice in Wonderland references).

How exactly did Christian die?  Long story short: alcohol.  He had a long history with the juice, and as for why he was in Sydney, that will be explained at a later date.  We also know that Jack did something to drive his father to this point, which we will also find out at a later date (go figure).

During Jack’s search for his father, he believes he is going crazy, but the island has a funny way about it, and Jack ends up finding a fresh water spring, something the survivors desperately needed.

When he returns to the beach, yet another argument has broken out.  This leads into Jack’s great leader speech that concludes with: “If we can’t live together, we’re going to die alone.”


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