1 x 04 – Walkabout

The most badass moment in Lost history takes place at the beginning of this episode.

The survivors of Flight 815 are scared, tired, hungry, irritable, and their supplies are quickly dwindling.  An argument breaks out between Hurley and Sawyer about a bag of peanuts Sawyer was keeping for himself (surprise, surprise).  And the rest of the survivors quickly realize they are completely out of food.  Jack and Sayid break up the fight, and a frustrated Sawyer plops down into an airplane seat on the beach.

Sayid: There are plenty of things we can use for sustenance.

Sawyer: Exactly how are we going to find this sustenance?

Suddenly, a knife goes flying through the air and hits the seat right next to Sawyer.

John Locke: We hunt.

This is our formal introduction to the one and only John Locke.

After a brief conversation during which Locke reveals his vast knowledge of wild boar hunting, he reveals his huge case full of knives.

Hurley: Who is this guy?


The rest of this episode pretty much consists of John saying, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” to various people: his jackass boss, Randy; the man who tells him he can’t go on the walkabout in Australia; Kate.

At the end of the episode, when John gets denied the opportunity to go on the walkabout, he starts screaming about destiny, which becomes a common theme during his time on the island.  We then learn that John was crippled before the plane crash and that he could mysteriously walk again once he got to the island.  This is one of the most significant things we learn in season one, because it leads to John’s great connection with the island. The episode comes to a close with John smiling at the wheelchair he no longer needs.


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