1 x 03 – Tabula Rasa

This episode revolves around Kate’s adventures in crime.  The ailing U.S. Marshal who was escorting her back to the states finally manages to communicate to Jack that his buddy Kate is not exactly who she seems to be.  Jack comes across Kate’s mug shot, which Hurley calls “hardcore,” but Jack decides that Kate’s past is none of his business and doesn’t pursue the topic further (at least not yet).

In her flashbacks, we get to see what Kate was doing in Australia (working on a farm with an adorable older gentleman) and how she got caught by the Marshal (said adorable older gentleman turned her in for a reward {$23 thousand!}, though he said it was a tough call).

I have to say that I find the Marshal’s obsession with Kate extremely creepy.  At the end of the episode when he’s suffering and about to die, all he wants is to talk to Kate.  I think if I were presented with that situation (you know, being on an island about to die after a terrible plane crash) I would let it go.  This guy is just that intense though.

What he wants to know is what Kate was about to ask him right before he was knocked out during the plane crash.  Her answer: she wanted to make sure that the adorable older gentleman who turned her in got his reward.

We also contemplate the meaning of the mysterious French distress call – you know, the one that has been playing for 16 years and says, “They’re all dead.”

Random Side Notes:

This is the first episode where we get to see Sawyer collecting random belongings from the plane, which he affectionately refers to as “trick or treating.”  Totally unrelated note: I love Sawyer.

This is also the episode where Claire and Charlie first speak and bond and generally be adorable together.  It almost makes me cry just thinking about those two lovebirds.

Tabla rasa is a theory coined by a 17th century philosopher.  To be enlightened, read this entry.


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