1 x 01 – Pilot: Part 1

It opens with Jack laying down looking confused but conformable on the jungle floor.  As he gets up to look around he is greeted by, what will become a very familiar sound, Sharon’s screams of horror.  We gradually begin to be introduced to some of the main characters.

The first shot of Charlie shows him wandering obliviously through the flaming wreckage and screaming people.  This makes a lot of sense once you find out he is an addict and was doing drugs in the bathroom when the plane crashed.

We also see Hurley along the beach holding a wrist watch.  We never see Hurley with a watch again so could this be the watch that Jin is supposed to be transporting to the US that later starts a brawl between Michael and Jin?!

Then we see Kate who is wandering alone in the jungle anxiously rubbing her wrists.  Why?  Maybe because she’s been handcuffed for far too long?    And as funny as it is, we meet Boone while he is trying to use his cell phone.  To be honest, that would be me.  Then we meet the blonde bitch, Sharon and the oppressive asian, Jin.  I’m glad that we get to meet these characters when they are at their worst.  It allows them to grow so much during the six seasons.

During the Losties’ first night they hear an unsettling noise coming from the jungle.  This mechanical/hydraulic/train/tornado/giant sound is what will later be referred to as “Smokey.”  What a first great night for the Losties!

In Jack’s flashback, we see his last few moments on the airplane before he passes out.  He is given some extra booze by a stewardess who, surprise surprise, ends up being an Other in a few seasons!  Why is she there in the first place?  Who knows.  Maybe she’s there for no other reason than to get Jack drunk.  Maybe this whole thing is his alcohol-induced hallucination.

Quite possibly my favorite part of this episode is during Jack’s flashback (and the flashbacks of many other Losties) when a man standing in the aisle flies up in the air and bounces off the ceiling.  I laugh every time.

Day two brings with it what Charlie calls “end of the world type weather” where day turns into night and it begins to rain without the slightest warning.  Maybe if John Locke was around he could have given them warning.

The pilot gives Jack, Kate and Charlie the grim news about their situation.  It doesn’t look when they were 1,000 miles off course when the plane crashed.  Shortly after delivering the bad news, the trio quickly found out Smokey was a killer when he grabbed the pilot out of the cockpit.  Good thing the pilot made a point to put down the transceiver before he stupidly stuck his head out the window to catch a glimpse of Smokey!


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