Richard: I watched them all die.

By Katelyn

It has been several days since the season premiere of Lost and I still cannot get it my head around what is happening.

While sitting in my 3-hour block class the other night I remembered something that Richard Alpert said towards the end of season five.  From what I remember, he told Sun that he watched her husband die.  So I decided to look up the quote and go from there…

This scene took place in episode 05×15 Follow the Leader:

<Sun shows Richard a Dharma photograph from 1977>

SUN: These people… Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, Hugo Reyes. They were here with my husband, Jin Kwon. Were you here? Do you remember them? Any of them?

RICHARD: Yes, I was here. Thirty years ago. And I do. I remember these people. I remember… meeting them. Very clearly, because… I watched them all die.

So my question is, when did Richard watch them die?

I’m reading a lot of theories online regarding Richard’s statement and I am no closer to grasping an idea of when Richard saw them die.

A lot of people are saying that Richard believes they died during the bomb explosion.  I disagree.  I suppose Richard could have been saying it for dramatic effect but he specifically said “watched them” and there is no way Richard could have been close enough to the Swan site at the time of the explosion.  He left Jack and Sayid in the tunnels carrying/dragging the unconscious body of Eloise Hawking so I highly doubt he had time to follow them.  Also, if he was within seeing distance of the Swan site during the event he would have also died.  But, for fun, let’s just say Richard was lurking in the trees during the explosion and lived to tell the tale… wouldn’t he have noticed that they disappeared into thin air, not died?!

The other popular theory that I’ve been reading was that they were killed in the purge of the Dharma by the hostiles.  I also disagree with this.  This theory just seems absurd to me.  By this point in time, Richard has been able to interact with some of our Losties and he knows they are special and clearly not part of the Dharma Initiative.  Richard is a smart man and I don’t believe he would allow the extermination of them.

So since I disagree with both of these, you probably want to know what I think.  No?  Too bad.  I have two theories, myself.  The first one has to do with the alternate dimensions.  Thanks to Miles and his ability to talk Juliet after she died, the island Losties are somewhat aware that “it worked.”  And assuming that “it” refers to the bomb resetting time and allowing Oceanic Flight 815 to land safely at LAX, the island Losties should soon be realizing that there are two of each of them walking around out there.  Maybe the only way for them to get back to their lives in the real world is to kill themselves.  I don’t know, maybe that sounds just as absurd as the other theories.  But my last theory is definitely the best!  I think we don’t have all the information yet to be able to figure out what Richard means… we’re just going to have to wait and see!

Don’t agree with me?  Good.  We’d love to hear what you have to say.  How and when do you think Richard sees them die?


One Response to Richard: I watched them all die.

  1. Amal says:

    Hey, I hear what you’re saying and I am utterly confused with what Richard said. I didn’t understand what you meant by Richard speaking about an alternative timeline. If this is year 2009, doesn’t that mean he watched them die in 1979? That’s three years after the incident, right?

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