Brotha, what are you doing on this flight?

By Katelyn

After Tuesday season premiere I think everyone was left with more questions than they know what to do with.  I know I was.  One of everyone’s burning questions: Why was Desmond Hume on Oceanic Flight 815?

I believe Desmond was on Oceanic Flight 815 because he was continuing to fulfill his duty to save Charlie.  Desmond came and sat next to Jack at a very important part in the flight.  If Desmond had not came and sat next to Jack and initiated a conversation, Jack would have continued to drink his sorrows away and by the time the stewardess requested his help, he would have been unable to save Charlie.  It was Jack’s sober and swift thinking that allowed him to act appropriately under pressure save Charlie from dying.  After all of this excitement, Jack went back to his seat to find Desmond missing.  Desmond was no where to be found because his job was complete… for now.

But just like before, Charlie is destined to die and he let Jack know this when he yelled, “I was supposed to die.”


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