The morning after…

By Katelyn

After having a night to process everything I took in last night during the premiere, I am still just as confused.  Annie and I had intended on each writing about what we thought about the premiere and our expectations about the rest of the season but I am at a loss for words.

I feel unable to articulate what I thought about the epic two hours because my mind is just completely blown.  All I have is more questions on top of the 100 questions that I previously wrote about.

Are there two separate worlds or dimensions going on?  Alternate universes?  Charlie is alive?  Why did Charlie tell Jack he was supposed to die?  Why was Desmond on the plane?  Where did Desmond disappear to after Jack saved Charlie?  Was this just another time of Desmond saving Charlie’s life?  If so, will Charlie just eventually die because he’s “supposed to?”  Where was Shannon?  How did the island no longer existing keep her with her boyfriend in Sydney?  Did John Locke really go on the walk-about even though he was in the wheelchair?  Or was he lying to look like a badass?  Where did Christian Shephard’s body go?  How does Hurley have good luck?  Are the numbers no longer cursed?  Do the numbers just not exist? So Locke isn’t Locke?  Locke is the guy that hates Jacob?  What is this guy’s name?  This guy (in Locke’s body) is Smokey?  Can we refer to him as Smokey? …and the list goes on!

There were a few quotes that I felt were important.  I’m not sure exactly what it was supposed to mean but I feel like the most important line came right after the turbulence during the flight, which originally was the demise of Oceanic Flight 815.  After the turbulence calmed, Rose looked at Jack and said “It’s okay, you can let go now.” Obviously it symbolized that the nightmare of the island has officially ended… but I feel like it has a more important meaning also.  The next quote came from Charlie after he revived by Jack upon choking on a bag of heroin.  He yelled, “I was supposed to die” to Jack while being escorted by the plane marshals.  This makes me think that maybe everyone that died on the island will quickly die in this new world that has been created.

Everything I said today may just be a bunch of mumble jumble… so discard it if you’d like.  I’ve always been slightly confused by Lost but after last night, I’m confused on a whole new level.  I’m hoping episode 2 will bring us some answers and less questions so I can stop feeling like a mad woman!


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