100 Questions I Need Answered

By Katelyn and Annie

These are the questions that I need answered in order to feel at least somewhat satisfied with the ending of Lost.

  1. Where has Charlie been all this time?  (I truly believe he is alive)
  2. Where did the numbers originally come from?
  3. How did the numbers become cursed?
  4. Is what is playing out now in the 1970’s how it originally played out?
  5. Will there still be an extermination of the Dharma by the Others since the Losties have ties with Ben and Richard?
  6. Who is Jacob?
  7. Who is the guy shown at the end of season 5?  The guy that found the loophole.  The guy that hates Jacob.
  8. Why does that guy hate Jacob?  What’s their beef?
  9. Why did he need a loophole?
  10. Is Jacob dead?
  11. Is Juliet dead?
  12. Is Locke dead?
  13. Are all the Losties dead from the H-bomb explosion?
  14. Did the H-bomb actually explode?
  15. Did the H-bomb explosion really reset time and keep Oceanic Flight 815 from crashing?
  16. What is this four-toed statue?
  17. Why is the four-toed statue there?
  18. Who built the four-toed statue?  Aliens?
  19. How did the four-toed statue eventually become just a foot?
  20. Why did Jacob decide to live in the statue?
  21. Why did Jacob move out of his cabin and into the statue?
  22. Why does Jacob’s cabin never stay in one place?
  23. What exactly is smokey?
  24. Where did smokey come from?
  25. Is smokey mechanical?  Animal?  Or just smoke?
  26. Where did the Others come from?
  27. Why were the Others so hostile towards the Dharma?
  28. What’s up with the blast door map?
  29. Where did Claire run off to?
  30. Why did that creepy psychic guy insist Claire raise her baby?
  31. Why did Claire leave Aaron behind?
  32. Are Claire and Christian Shepherd living together in Jacob’s cabin?
  33. Why does Richard Alpert know everything?
  34. Why does Richard Alpert never age?
  35. What kind of eye liner does Richard Alpert use?
  36. How does the island/Richard Alpert heal people?
  37. How come the island/Richard Alpert cannot heal or save pregnant people?
  38. Why do the pregnant women die on the island?
  39. Why is Eloise Hawking off the island?
  40. Why were there the Dharma studying polar bears?
  41. What are the whispers in the jungle?
  42. Where did the temple come from?
  43. Who is older: the temple or Richard Alpert?
  44. Who is older: Richard, Jacob or the loophole guy?
  45. Why do dead people visit Hurley?
  46. Will Libby be the key to everything?
  47. What are the carvings on the temple?
  48. Has Richard always been on the island?
  49. Will Jin wear his hair in another ponytail?
  50. Will Jack and Kate end up together?
  51. Will Juliet and Sawyer find each other again?
  52. How did a hydrogen bomb get on the island?
  53. Who are “Adam and Eve”?
  54. Why is Walt special?
  55. Why did Walt always appear to the Losties?
  56. Is Walt the key to everything?
  57. Where did the weird wheel come from?
  58. How does it have powers to move the island?
  59. Why is it really icy cold where the wheel is?
  60. Why is “the exit” of the island in the middle of some dessert?
  61. How does Jacob communicate with Richard?  Has he seen him in person?
  62. How did the Black Rock end up in the middle of the island?
  63. What happened to its crew?
  64. Why was Charles Widmore so interested in the Black Rock?
  65. Why does Widmore want the island back?
  66. Does Widmore know about the Lamp Post?
  67. Why did supply drops continue to happen after the Others wiped out the Dharma?
  68. How did Dharma find the island to make the supply drops?
  69. So there are Dharma off of the island?  Don’t they know everyone has been killed?
  70. Who is the real Henry Gale?
  71. How did he break his neck?
  72. Who buried him?
  73. Why did Alex appear to Ben and tell him that he has to follow John Locke’s every command?
  74. What is Frank a candidate for?
  75. Why does Ilana seem to know so much?
  76. Why did she burn Jacob’s cabin?
  77. How did Ilana and here crew know to be on that flight?
  78. What are the rules that everyone is always talking about?
  79. Why did Jacob visit/stalk all of the Losties in the past?
  80. Why were these people chosen to be on the island?
  81. Does the island really act like a person?  Does it choose things/people?
  82. Why does the island have all of these weird scientific properties?
  83. Will all the Losties ever be in the same time period again?
  84. How will they all be in the same time as period as each other?
  85. Will Jin and Sun be reunited?
  86. Will all of this just keep repeating no matter what?
  87. Will Desmond wind up back on the island?
  88. Is John Locke really John Locke back from the dead?  Or is John Locke still dead that Jacob’s enemy just living inside?
  89. Who is the good guy in this war?  Does it all depends on our individual morals?
  90. Why was Libby in the insane asylum?
  91. How did she get out and become a clinical psychologist?
  92. What was “the incident?”
  93. If “the incident” was what happened in the episode “The Incident” (the bomb exploding), how did Dr. Change survive to talk about “the incident” in the orientation films?
  94. What is Dharma’s connection to Ann Arbor, Michigan?
  95. Who will live?
  96. Who will die?
  97. Will everyone leave the island?
  98. Will the island be destroyed?
  99. Will we all be satisfied?
  100. Will this truly be the end?

(some of these came from scifiwire.com)

Hopefully some of these questions will be answered over the next few months.  As they’re answered I’ll make sure to fill you all in, in case you missed it!


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