Season 6 Must Be The End!

By Katelyn

As posted earlier, the creators of Lost can no longer guarantee that season six will be the end of Lost.

At first I was really excited at the thought of more seasons, a spin-off television show, or even an action packed, multi-million dollar movie deal.  But the more I’m pondering the idea, the more I hope it doesn’t happen.

Lost has evolved into this complicated and intense storyline that only the strong have endured over the last five seasons.  I am so proud that I have survived the journey from the beginning and I often feel over-protective of the show.

I am afraid that if season six is not the end then Lost will be exploited and everything we love about it will be ruined.  It will be just another mass media, money maker that serves no other purpose.

Plus, I do not with to discuss Lost theories and story lines with the inevitable newbies who think they are “experts” because they saw the movie but skipped the first six television seasons.

Season 6 must be the end… unless there’s a seventh season!


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