Lost vs. FlashForward: Episode 1

December 28, 2009

By Katelyn

During the semester break I decided that I wanted to get into a new TV show and, of course, I choose FlashForward.  This is how I feel about it…

Not only does FlashForward have some of the same writers and actors but it also shares a lot of similarities.  The first episode is especially similar to the first episode of Lost.

Here’s how both series start off…

The opening scene opens with a close-up of someone’s face (Jack on Lost and Mark on FF) as they are awakening from blacking out (due to the plane crash on Lost and due to the worldwide black out on FF).  The character awakens to discover themselves in the middle of a catastrophe (the plane crash on Lost and the post-blackout devastation on FF) with a woman hysterically screaming in the background (Shannon on Lost and a random lady on FF).  The main character is confident and capable enough to help those who are hurt (on Lost Jack is a doctor and Mark is an FBI agent on FF) around them but just as he begins to help there is an explosion that takes him by surprise (the plane engine explodes on Lost and a helicopter hits a building on FF) but after a few seconds he gets back to business.

I was really surprised by how similar the two series’ premieres were.  But don’t get me wrong, I think I’m in love.