Benjamin Linus, Best Villain

By Katelyn:

According to Titan Magazines:

Readers of and Lost Magazine have voted Ben Linus the show’s top villain. As leader of the Others, Ben’s evil deeds included kidnapping Jack, Sawyer and Kate and killing Locke. Still, the distinction between good and bad is never clear-cut on Lost, and there are times when Ben seems almost sympathetic, particularly when we see his childhood in season five. An interview with Michael Emerson is one of many highlights in the latest villains-themed issue of Lost Magazine. Ethan and Charles Widmore were second and third in the poll, while there were also votes for Juliet, Sawyer, Locke, Jack and er, Vincent the dog.


On a side note:  I’m sure these two things have nothing to do with Lost (you never know though) but I found it quite peculiar that they were mentioned on the cover… Chamber of Secrets and Labyrinth.

Also you can view scans from the Lost Magazine at in Michael Emerson’s photo gallery.


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