Season 5 Finale Cake

By Katelyn

This past winter, my friend Whitney and I lured the rest of our friends into becoming Lost fanatics.  During one long weekend in which we were snowed-in at one of our cottages, we watched seasons one through three–one episode after another.  I loved be able to watch the reactions of these “Lost Virgins”.  It was a really intense Lost experience.  After that weekend, they were hooked, to say the least.

We decided to all get together and watch the season five finale for old times sake.

And somehow we ended up making a cake to celebrate the event.

our Lost island cake

our Lost island cake

It was thrown together pretty hastily during the 1-hour recap before the season finale but it was still delicious.  It was a vanilla cake (yellow cake, whatever) in a dome shape with vanilla icing, gram cracker crumbs as sand, and blue sprinkles as water.  We also added a palm tree and airplane crashing for a better effect.  The backside of the cake even included the waterfall and little lagoon that is often shown in the show.

After the finale, we were left frustrated and confused… but at least we had a delicious cake to ease the pain.


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